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Nyhed oprettet d. 07-03-2013 12:00:00

Welcome to my world. KUN 1 STK.

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Original album tracks:

1. Welcome to my world (live)

2. Help me make it through the night

3. Release me

4. I really don't want to know

5. For the good times (live)

6. Make the world go away

7. Gentle on my mind

8. I'm so lonesome I could cry (live)

9. Your cheatin' heart

10. I can't stop loving you (live)

Bonus tracks:

11. Loving arms (unedited master)

12. Kentucky rain (live)

13. Susan when she tried (take 6)

14. Little cabin on the hill

15. He'll have to go (rough mix)

16. You gave me a mountain (live)

17. Faded love

18. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (take 4)

19. I'm countin(ng on you (take 13)

20. Funny how time slips away (live)